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More than meets the pie...

Do something you love, & you’ll never work a day in your life.

Pie Eyed is homemade and it is quite literally part of the family. It’s been a roller coaster of a few years, and without the help of family and friends we would not be here today! But, we’ve learnt lessons, adapted and made pastry throughout the night!

After finishing University, Jack (the handsome chap in the middle), went to Italy for a bit of a mooch around, and what became abundantly clear to him was the love and passion for their own Italian cuisine. Back in the UK the food scene was very much at the beginning of its street food revolution. All
the world’s cuisines were seemingly being perfected, except one, our own… British! So sod it, what’s the worst that can happen? Lets give it a go!

The aim was simple; to plug the pie sized hole that was emerging in the developing street food and craft producer scene. And so in 2014, Pie Eyed was born. After six months of pastry trailing, horse box painting, van buying – van selling, logo designing, filling making, we served our first pie at The Hide in Sheffield.

The plan was simple, too. Produce proper pies, with proper ingredients that are cooked with care, attention & a bit of skill. We source all our quality ingredients from reputable local suppliers, which makes our job much easier. Our classic pastry uses all butter, which makes the defining difference on the ‘melt in the mouth’ effect that pastry should have.

Trading from our horse box at street food events, festivals and markets up and down the country quickly led to catering weddings based in Yorkshire – never forgetting a trusty bottle of Hendo’s or two. Together with a crack team of family & friends, we pride ourselves not only on our proper pies, but the service that goes along side it.

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